28 August, 2008

Nicon's Universcale

I love things that help develop understanding of difficult concepts, and Nicon's Universcale does that. It is a visualisation of the massive differences in size between the size of the whole universe and the sub atomic scale.

I think it shows the way that online technologies (in this case Flash) can be used well to convey something that would be very difficult any other way. Well made visualisation tools like this and Google Earth, can help change the way we see the world around us.


14 August, 2008

SOLSTICE Conference 2008: Videos

Did you miss the SOLSTICE 2008 conference? Well at last you can put aside your regrets as some of the presentations from 'SOLSTICE: eLearning and Learning Environments for the Future' conference are now available as WMV files to watch online:

Les Watson: From Space to Place - In which Les explores what we should think about when designing new spaces for learning - 50 minutes - [abstract] [slides]

Eric Hamilton: Learners, Learning Environments, and Classrooms of the Future - In which Eric explores changes in educational settings, now and in the future - 43 minutes [abstract] [slides]

Peter Hartley: Summary of the Conference - 9 minutes