16 August, 2012

The Last Post?


I’m writing what might well be the last post on Cakes. I’ve been posting on here since 2004, but feel a change might be in order - here’s why.

There’s been a push at our institution to stop using blogs for informal communication, and to instead use them for marketing purposes and formal communication. While Cakes is not owned by our institution and much of the work on it has occurred outside of work time, it is known as our team's blog and this change in institutional focus has left me uncomfortable posting on here recently.

Another good reason to move on is that I think that a new blog without links to Edge Hill University would allow me to throw ideas around a bit more, and give me a feeling of moving forward. I’ve been working in the area of Technology Enhanced Learning for a while now, and need a place where I can relight my enthusiasm a little.

Anyway if anyone would like to subscribe, my new blog is called Learning, Technology and Higher Education.

Perhaps others in LTD would like to post links to their new blogs on here too?