15 September, 2004

ALT-C so far - Day 2

Day 2 of the conference and the word of the day is ontology. The keynote speaker this morning mentioned ontologies and so did someone in a session this afternoon. Still not quite sure what it means!

John's session went very well (or so he said!). There is always a worry that people will radically disagree with your thoughts on a subject but JD didn't have to worry. A lot of conversation was generated from his thoughts.

Some highlights so far for me.
  • Watching JD lose all his money at the casino last night.
  • The cooked brekkie this morning.
  • Finding out about lots of new software - much of it free, eg. Kartoo - a visual search engine although will we ever get time to play with it?
  • Brilliant session on how to use PDAs in your teaching from a couple of funny guys from Yorkshire. Some simple yet effective ideas.

Conference dinner tonight, probably be loads of lovely veg!

Until tomorrow.


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