26 July, 2005

CMap: Concept Mapping Software

CMap is a new piece of software to help you produce Mind Maps/Concept Maps on your PC. And it's free.

Visit http://cmap.ihmc.us/ to download the free software. The home page shows an example of the Mind Maps that can be created. Note the links to other maps and web sites.

CMap seems very easy to get started with, and it is very easy to export your maps as a web site. There are other features to explore such as collaborative tools make it easy for you to share your work with others around the world, and work together on projects. I have mapped some notes on it.

There are one or two issues with the software, which perhaps will be dealt with before its proper release (the currect version is a Beta or test release). For example it 'leaks' memory quite fast meaning you have to restart your PC after using it for a while.

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