11 August, 2005

ELLG Podcasts

Look on the ELLG web site for Podcasts featuring interviews with the more influential people in the field of elearning.

Check out:


The first one is with George Siemens who has some interesting ideas relating to the uptakes of technologies. to listen to it you can copy the next line into the address bar of your web browser.


He points out that at first, people will use the new tool to do exactly what they had done before... and as their understanding of the technology increases, they see new uses for it.

I guess that is how we in LTD see the academics staff's use of WebCT developing. It is to be expected that initial use is simple (perhaps putting documents online) and as the academic staff's knowledge of the medium develops (hopefully partly due to LTD's experience and expert advice) the technology will perhaps see more of its potential used.

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