27 September, 2005

Use of Weblogs in Education

ELGG radio have released their next interview with those who are influential in online learning.

This interview is with James Farmer, about the right way to use blogs in education.


Rob Spence said...

Interesting stuff, Peter. Maybe we can begin to explore blogs as a means of developing teaching and learning at Edge Hill?

Peter Beaumont said...

We've talked about this after seeing what Warwick have been doing.


Apparently Alison Wildish and the Webteam are looking into installing our own software to run blogs.

I think that people would feel more confident asking students to use use blogs as part of their course (e.g. as a reflective tool instead of a PDP), if we could ensure the work was backed up and couldn't be lost. We can't really do that if the blogs are hosted externally.

Peter Beaumont said...

Here is another linkto an example of Weblogs being used in education.

To quote from the teacher interviewed in the article: "They may be from a tiny town in the middle of nowhere, but they're writing online, people are commenting on it, and they're learning that they have a voice."