24 February, 2006

Helping Students with Pop-up Blocker Issues

We continue to see a lot of problems with people not being able to access things on WebCT due to pop-up blockers on their computers preventing the windows from opening.

The following text can be included in an email to advise students on getting past the problems. It might not be perfect, but it's the best we've written so far...


It sounds like you might have software on your computer that blocks pop-up windows.

You can test this by holding the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keyboard down, while you click on the link.

This should allow it to open. However you might want to solve the problem long term by changing the settings on your computer, so we’ll go through how to do this.

You are probably using an Internet Explorer Web Browser. Go to the 'Tools' menu at the top of the screen, and look for the 'Pop-up blocker...' option. If there is one, you can select 'Turn off pop-up blocker'.

If there is not, or if the problem persits, the following link will help you disable other pop-up blockers on the computer that you are using.

Go to:http://www.webct.com/tuneup/viewpage?name=tuneup_start

On the first page, select the Operating System that your computer is using. It will probably be 'Windows'.

On the second page, select the Web Browser that you are using. It will probably be 'Internet Explorer'.

On the third page, scroll down to near the bottom of the page where there is a section called '6. Disable Pop-Up Blocking for WebCT'. In this section are links to pieces of software which might be stopping the discussion windows from opening.

Hope that is some help, but please get back in touch if you need any help.

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