11 April, 2006

Great RSS to Website Tool: FeedoStyle

We have been using RSS feeds in WebCT for a while now and Alan Seatwo has been experimenting with them in his work with the Community Knowledge Transfer Service. We have been using Feed2JS but now there is a new kid on the block called FeedoStyle.

It allows people to pull any RSS feed into a stylised module on a web page. The idea is to allow blog and other website publishers to include new content directly onto their site in a very easy way. The service is easy to set up and does not require the creation of a user account.

The good thing about FeedoStyle is that it allows multiple feeds on a page something Alan had difficulty doing with Feed2JS.


Peter Beaumont said...

I've experimented with using this in the Provide area on WebCT at Edge Hill. If you want to see how it might look in your web pages go to Provide and visit - 'Working Groups' > 'Student Recruitment and Widening Participtation Group'.

Bill Smith said...

Bill Smith here from Feedostyle. Thanks for mentioning our tool. If we can add any feature you may need or fix a useability issue just let me know.