29 June, 2006

WebCT and Pop-up Blockers

Pop-up blocking software is becoming more widely used, and this is causing major problems with off campus students using WebCT 4.1.

We need for formal mechanisms for dealing with this if we are going to be able to cope with using WebCT Version 4.1 for another year.

Meg has found some very useful links via the very useful Dr. C (Dr. C is something I'd miss if we do end up moving to another VLE).

Pop-Up Killer Review looks like a fantastic resource. Sending a student to the Detect Page will allow them to see if they have Pop-Up blocking software enabled on their machines. The Pop-Up Blocker Detector Software available for free from here will talk anyone through how to disable pop-up blocking for many different pieces of software.

We'll look at how we can pass this knowledge on in a simple way to students, as it seems many avoid using WebCT becasue of it. It sounds like not all students ask for help when they come across the problem.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the answer we've all been waiting for. ;-)

And a money spinner too!