12 March, 2008

Highlight The Web

I just came across a great web app called Awesome Highlighter and my first impression was “wow, how useful!”

The Awesome Highlighter allows you to highlight web pages and provides you with a custom link to your annotated page, which you can then share.

And it’s easy… you simply enter the URL of the web page you want to share, highlight the relevant text and click done.

I think this app has the potential to be used both personally and collaboratively. I’m certainly going to use it…

Personally - I bookmark with http://del.icio.us and use the notes feature to remind me why I originally bookmarked the page. Now I can highlight relevant text on a page and bookmark this.

Collaboratively - I’m involved in a Learning Services website re-modelling strategy group and I can see this app being really useful (when analysing the current website and conducting benchmarking) for sharing my findings with the project team.

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