10 October, 2008

Running a University using iPhones: Revisited

Back in May I wrote about ACU's video which gave an idea how a university could integrate systems, the student experience, learning and teaching through iPhones.

Well respect to them, because they've given it a go in reality. Every new student gets an iPhone or iPod Touch which runs the university created application. This gives access to things like timetables, Google Apps, and seems to contain basic VLE functionality.

It wouldn't necessarily have to be these products used. I can imagine it would be wonderful just to know that all students had an identical reliable platform to access information and files that we know works. It's so time consuming for both students and the institution to be troubleshooting all the potential issues that come with the wide variety of devices and browsers.

The use of the devices has also replaced the need for seperate Clickers/Audience Response Systems in the classroom, as everyone can do that using the university application via the newly vastly expanded wireless networks. This use and any other potential uses, save money from being spent elsewhere and so perhaps begin to pay back the costs of launching the system.

Also from a learning and teaching point of view, every student now has a mobile device available for storing and consuming video and audio materials.



jgadgets said...

I think the student consider the iPhone for their stepping stone to create innovative technology like this iPhone. Mostly student related to computer/engineering course. More on logic on programming and how they develop a new technology

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