12 February, 2009

Using Comics to Educate

In his 1993 book, 'Understanding Comics' [Edge Hill Library Link], Scott McCloud argues well that Comics are a valid form of communication. From more recent times, take 20 minutes to watch his fantasic TED Talk.

While using comics in education is nothing new, Scott's introduction to Google's Chrome browser comic from last year is an example of an educational application of comics. I read this through, while I would never have made it through the average manual.

The growth of very basic animation as an acceptable serious education tool, can perhaps be seen in series like Nutintuit Studio's technical training videos, which were inspired by the Common Craft Show's In Plain English videos.

I wonder how our basic introductions to technologies and technology enhanced learning might work if we created them as a comic. Would they feel more 'human'. Would they be more widely read than if they were just text? Would they be more memorable? At the moment we're looking at creating a short introduction for staff about using new and emerging technologies for the web site. Perhaps we could use the skills in the team to approach it in a slightly different way.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Interactive web comics are a great way to engage and motivate students to learn. If you're interested in creating comics online, we invite you to check out Pixton.com.

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Best wishes,
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Josh said...

Very interesting. I have actually been thinking about using Comic Life (http://plasq.com/comiclife) to create "Nutshells" here at NutIntuit Studio.

Thanks for mentioning us.