02 October, 2009

Using Delicious for Managing Your Bookmarks

Back in the olden days everyone stored bookmarks in their web browser. In Internet Explorer you'd click on Favourites or in Firefox you'd select Bookmarks.

Many people are now using Social Bookmarking tools to store bookmarks. I use Delicious.com as this allows me to:

  • Search through everyone's bookmarks on a certain topic, to see what other useful sites and articles are out there.
  • Access your bookmarks from anywhere, home or work.
  • Annotate your bookmarks to remind yourself why you saved them.
  • Subscribe to a feed of another person's bookmarks, if you find that you have similar interests.
To get started with Delicious
There are certain things to think about when you are using social bookmarking.
  • Your online identity - Are you sharing your page/feed with other people - perhaps students? I use my delicious account for both work related and personal bookmarks with out worrying who can see what. However if privacy is more important to you, you might just want to mark all your personal bookmarks as Private.
  • Backing up - When you collect useful personal data in any service you want to know that you can back it up. Delicious isn't likely to loose your data, but you never know. You can backup your bookmarks by choosing Settings > Export / Backup Bookmarks.

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