12 August, 2010

The PGCE Survival Guide

This free eBook: 'The PGCE Survival guide' looks like it could be a really useful read for our Teacher Trainees.

It's a crowd sourced book, meaning that the content was largely generated by the online education community - specifically twitter. The idea itself being that of Tim Handley (@tomhenzley / www.classroomtales.com), who has only just completed his PGCE at the University of East Anglia.

It's pretty impressive to learn that Tim is only just about to start his NQT year. My experience with teacher trainees leads me to believe that proportionally few truly understand and exploit the benefits of online technologies - and are so busy once they begin their programme, they struggle to find the time to learn.

I think this is an inspirational effort and great contribution to the educational community. It clearly demonstrates the benefits of engaging with a community of dedicated and committed education professionals online. I will be sharing it with the faculty here, hoping that it will inspire our trainees to investigate and embrace technologies like twitter, blogs and other online networks which can be so useful to them.


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