26 May, 2006

Basic WebCT Course Design

Here is the 'Basic WebCT Course Design' course (57 minutes). It is designed for use with WebCT 4.1.

It is in .wmv format. If you do not have the software to view it, we recommend that you install Windows Media Player version 8.0 or above.

Introduction - 9 minutes

Adding Pages and Tools - 22 minutes

Adding Files - 9 minutes

Content Modules - 6 minutes

Other Basic Options - 11 minutes

Please give us any feedback about this course by adding a comment. Thanks.


Megan said...

Pete- I just undertook a new position where my number one goal is to move a live course online. Your WebCT overview was VERY helpful. The Medical University of South Carolina (Charleston, SC)benefits from your expertise.


Peter Beaumont said...

Megan - Glad it was still useful after all these years :)