17 May, 2006

Online Skills Audit and Training

We've been looking at developing online training using screencasting software like Camtasia. We've also seen Howard Turpin's skills audit which was created for Faculty of Education students.

I'd like to see the students and staff who use our online training, having different ways to access the training videos that we create. Perhaps browsing the pages for the training they want, searching for the training using a search box, or going through a skills audit to help them understand better what they need to know.

I've started developing something that initially will just cover WebCT and online learning technologies, but may grow to include other aspects of Learning Services training (MS Office, basic IT skills, study skills, e-literacy, ect).

I'm developing a project blog that others who end up being involved in this can join, and would appreciate any feedback on the way it is going, and the scope of it - is this duplicating something else that is done already?

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