23 November, 2010

Quickly Updating the Files in Blackboard Using WebDAV

I've been asked how to update files in Blackboard using WebDAV, and though it worth sharing the instructions more widely. We have not used this method much and so are not aware if any problems and complications may occur. Let us know of your experiences if you do try and use it.

WebDAV allows quick updating of files on Blackboard through the familiar Windows Explorer interface. I'm not sure if this method will work on on other operating systems than Windows.

The first step is to find the URL for your Blackboard section. This video (which has no sound) shows the process in Blackboard version 8 which we currently use. Watch it full screen.

In Learning Edge/Blackboard 9.1, you can find the URL in a slightly different way.

When you have the URL for your Blackboard section, you can add it to your network places following these instructions.

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ezrasf said...

Laura Gekeler, who runs one of Blackboard's other LMS products posted back in August about updates to operating systems making the WebDAV connections less than reliable. She'd recommended Anyclient as a viable alternative.