20 October, 2005

BBC iMP- Integrated Media Player trial

A few months back Mark Roche brought this BBC Integrated Media Player trial to our attention. Sadly, I think it is too late to volunteer to participate now, but I'm posting to let you all know where it is up to.

The iMP would allow anyone who downloads the software, to download and watch BBC programs that have been on air. Currently this is being tested with a few people, but hopefully this will be sucessful and be made available to a wider audience.

This might allow us to link to TV programs from WebCT, if students downloaded the iMP software. Also the programs can be watched on mobile devices. We'd have to look into all the issues first of course.

A 30 minute program is a 140Mb download, and the system requirements needed are:

-Processor PC Pentium 4 or above
-Operating System Windows 2000 or Windows XP
-Browser Internet Explorer 5.5 or above
-Windows Media Player 9 or above.If you have a compatible mobile device or portable media centre you need Windows Media Player10.
-Screen Resolution 1024x768 or above
-Video Card Spec 64MB Video card or above
-Memory 512MB RAM or above
-Connection Speed 512kbps or above


Rob Spence said...

Looks like another development that doesn't recognise some of us use Macs...

Peter Beaumont said...

Do you think a lot of the students are using Macs at home?

If so perhaps LTD need to get a Mac for testing, and for supporting those students. It's not an issue we come across all that often when supporting students in my experience, but perhaps some research wouldn't go amiss.

Rob Spence said...

I'm sure there aren't that many using Macs - but I am!