05 October, 2005

The Encyclopaedia of Educational Technology

Visit the Encyclopaedia of Educational Technology to have a look at some short interesting articles on technologies and related issues.

I'd been working towards us in Learning Technology Development creating somthing similar, but aimed at the audience of academics in Edge Hill. It would answer the questions we are being asked, and help those at Edge Hill develop their own technology use and related pedagogic understanding.

This Encyclopaedia though, will do at least part of that.


Anonymous said...
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Rob Spence said...

Can we get rid of irritating tossers like Emmanuel?
If this is to be a serious forum, we don't need spammers.

Ioan said...

Nice link!

Mark Roche said...

Your wish is my command, Rob!

Rob Spence said...

" Your wish is my command, Rob!" OK, then, I shall have to think of a long list of stuff to get you to do. You are a bit big to fit in the lamp though.
Have you seen Writely? I think this will be a good resource for everyone, but especially students who don't have decent word-processing software at home.
Go to http://www.writely.com/BasePage.aspx

Peter Beaumont said...

We can prevent spammers (like the above mentioned Emmanuel) by adding Word Verification (see http://help.blogger.com/bin/answer.py?answer=1203).

This requires the user to read text from an image, preventing automated spamming software from posting comments to your site.

I've added that setting, and the Word Verification appears below the box that you type your comments into.