10 October, 2005

MP3 Recorder

This is the MP3 player we are going to get to continue Rob Spence's Audio lecture pilot. It will record direct to MP3.

When you plug the SSS-1's USB lead (provided) into your PC or laptop, Windows XP/2000 will "see" it and immediately mount it as a drive. You may then drag-and- drop (transfer) files from the SSS-1 to your computer or your network using Windows Explorer in the normal way. Unlike with most MP3 recorders you do not need to load any special software at all to do this.

This is just the quick and easy solution we have been looking for.

Available from Solid State Sound


Rob Spence said...

This looks good- very compact. I'm a little disappointed it isn't Mac compatible though, as I work on a Mac at home. Still, it will make the whole process much smoother.
Is it possible to have two mic input? I'm thinking of possibly recording dialogue.

Tim said...

That device will almost certainly be mac compatible.. You can certainly mount any usb mass storage device under Linux/Unix.