23 August, 2006

Embedding Resources from Video Sharing Sites in WebCT

I've been asked about using these resources in teaching and learning. While downloading and capturing sections of these resources would break copyright law, we can link to and embed videos hosted elsewhere.

For example:


When you are on YouTube.com, look at the 'About This Video' section on the right of the screen. Select the contents of the 'Embed' text box and paste it into the WebCT Text Block on an organiser page.

The result would look like:

Other sites which you might want to use aren't demonstrated here, but if you have rights to access the Developer Community at Edge Hill University, you can see how they work. Choose 'Other Resources' > 'Incorporating Videos from Video Sharing Sites a WebCT area'.


Peter Beaumont said...

On Google Video you can link to a particular time in a video! On this video I've linked to 3 minutes 17 seconds by adding '3m17s' to the end of the URL.

Not sure if you can do that with the other video sharing sites.

Peter Beaumont said...

The URL didn't appear, but it is: