30 August, 2006


I've had requests from several members of academic staff regarding using E-Portfolios.

To be honest I've not read much about these, and why people are using them. George Siemens wrote (in 2004) an article, with links that might help start an exploration of this.

I've heard good things from Edge Hill staff (it might have been Jo Shoba) about 'PebblePad' which is an ePortfolio system created by eLearning experts from the University of Wolverhampton and staffed by their graduates. Click on 'PebblePad Presentation Video' on the PebblePad home page for an introduction and then look at the help videos to see what the software looks like to use.

We need to look at making a decision about where we want to go with ePortfolios, as Law would like to start using them this year. It might be good to start a debate by bringing someone in to do a presentation about PebblePad, or to do some research and present it ourselves... this will get a range of people from the institution together, to talk about what we want.


Seftoninlaw said...


We would definitely be interested (in Law) and will have something in the region of 60 or so students. I have to say that I think the cost is high, given that other software (eg ELGG, which also provides a blogspace) is available for free over the internet, but if you think Pebble Pad meets our needs then we can go with that. If we are to get it up and running for this academc year we will need to move fast though. The student arrive in 3 weeks time! How do we proceed from here? Cheers. Sefton.

Peter Beaumont said...

Regarding the software used for a pilot, I don't know enough about the individual systems to be sure which is best for our needs - or even what our needs are. The exploration of one or more off-the-shelf systems could be an outcome that we aim to produce from a pilot. It's a good point that Elgg is free, and that could help get us started more easily.

I'm going to try to get a few people together to talk through what we would want to achieve through using an e-portfolio. We would need to link it with the institutional stance on PDPs (which is being explored at the moment).

I'll email everyone who has expressed an interest at Edge Hill soon.