25 May, 2007

Creating Screencasting Videos Using Camtasia Studio

I did the 'Creating Re-usable Learning Objects using Camtasia Studio' session today as part of the Learning Services Technology Month. A few people couldn't make it and I said I'd do a screencast version of the training.

Here is the screencast version (16 minutes) - hope it's OK! Let us know if you need any advice or have any comments about anything that's been missed.

Note that there is the free CamStudio software available for those who cannot afford Camtasia Studio, but it requires a bit more technical knowledge to use.

These videos are all in Windows Media Video (WMV) streamed format.

01. Introduction (2:14)
02. Installing the 30-Day Trial Copy (2:15)
03. Choosing a Microphone (1:00)
04. Starting a Recording (2:13)
05. After Recording (1:00)
06. Producing a Sharable File (3:11)
07. Hints and Tips (2:37)
08. Accessibility (1:16)

1 comment:

Ron Starc said...

My Screen Recorder Pro will work better for you. It is an excellent screencasting tool. Records your screen and audio from the speakers or your voice from the microphone - or both simultaneously. The recordings are clear and look great when played back on your PC or uploaded to YouTube. It will record directly to AVI, WMV, MP4, or FLV. Just perfect for creating tutorials, demos, and presentations. Plus, java is not required and there are no limits on recording length. Also, the recordings play back on any device.