30 January, 2007

Learning Object Libraries

Yesterday Sheena McLeod came to Edge Hill to show us the Intrallect digital library for learning objects. It was interesting to see the system but I personally didn't think that Edge Hill would use it enough justify the price.

Jorum uses Intrallect and as that is publicly open perhaps we could get involved with that, using it and submitting resources to it.

Also Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) is also designed for this sort of storage. Jeff Barr at d.construct talked about this among other of Amazon's web services, and for example the Chicago Crime mashup site uses it for storage. Costs are $0.15 (9 pence) per GB per Month for storage and $0.20 (12 pence) per GB of data transfered, which means that if we were only using it for a few objects we could be paying very little for it.

As I understand it, each object would have a public or private URL and so I imagine that we could integrate the resources easily within the library management system, or a Learning Technology area on the web site.

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