08 January, 2007

Using Blogs as Databases and for Lecture Notes

Here in LTD we were talking last year about creating a database driven application to keep track of everything we do. For example if we get an email about a course, we could just search the database for notes about what we'd done for that course in the past, and for other details about it.

In the Geekbrief podcast episode 112 you can watch Cali Lewis talk to Leo Laporte about Robert Scoble's idea of using a private blog in this way. She also talks about how students could use a private blog to keep a database of their lecture notes and if they have a laptop, to take notes on their blog the first place.

We've got WordPress installed at Edge Hill so I'll ask IT services for one that we can use in this way, with all LTD members contributing to it. Look at it as a Cakes intranet site perhaps?!

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Anonymous said...

As a student, I think that's a great idea. Got to be prepared for pretty slow adoption of it though, I reckon. The world just isn't as internet-savvy as those of us who are might like..