17 January, 2007

SOLSTICE Forum: Research, Digital Geographies and Online Discussion

The SOLSTICE research forum yesterday was recorded and MP3 and Windows Media files will be available through the SOLSTICE website soon, along with an RSS feed so that people can subscribe to future materials.

But here's a sneek preview!

01 - Mark Schofield - Research

02 - Gerry Lucas - Digital Geographies

03 - Cathy Sherratt - Online Discussion

These Windows Media files are available now and all are worth listening to. I think that the research done on discussion is relevant to many people, as so many are using discussion boards in some way in their WebCT areas.

We've posted before about this ongoing research and I still think that many students need to be taught how to discuss before they are expected to learn through discussion. Lindsey's comment about using screencasting to explain the process, and the need for the tutor to model good practice and make their thought processes explicit are still worth exploring further.

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