15 January, 2007

'Top 100 Education Blogs' from Online Education Database

OEDb put together a list of their top 100 Education Blogs which might be of interest to those looking at widening their reading.

To subscribe to these blogs you could:
  • Start off by creating an account on Bloglines.
  • Subscribe to blogs individually or download my OPML file and use it to instantly subscribe to each of the blogs in the Top 100 list that have web feeds.
  • You can import the OPML file to Bloglines by going to the 'Feeds' tab and choosing 'Import Subscriptions' at the bottom of the page.
When you have a lot of blogs in Bloglines, it is worth setting them so that you only initially see the headlines. This will make it easier for you to quickly browse all the blogs for interesting posts. Do this by, near the top left of the screen, selecting 'Options' > Feed Options > Posting Length > Display Headlines Only.

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