15 March, 2007

Fast Forward Resource Creation Screencasts (22 minutes)

As staff are starting to create Fast Forward course materials. I thought it would be worth posting these screencasts on how to use the templates.

The templates are designed so that I can use the Course Genie software to convert the templates to Content Modules for use in WebCT. Also the templates mean that the members of staff who create the materials can easy makes changes to the course materials during the time that Fast Forward runs.

The screencasts were designed to be distributed via CD, but they are available here in case we have trouble getting the CDs to anyone. They were also created last year, so they use the old logo and refer to "the college", but I've not got time to re-record them.

01. Introduction to Training - 1:19
02. Managing Files and Using the CD - 3:38
03. The Template Layout - 2:32
04. Text and Tables - 2:42
05. Images and Diagrams - 4:31
06. Copyright Issues - 0:56
07. Linking to Web Pages and Files - 4:07
08. The Final Result - 2:44
09. Video, Audio, Quizzes and Animations - 1:09

If you want a copy of the template it is available for download.

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