27 March, 2007

Scribd: YouTube for Documents

Mark pointed me in the direction of Scribd today. Scribd describes itself as a "free online library where anyone can upload.".

Mark described it as YouTube for documents. I think YouTube succeeded because it removed the need for people to worry about what format video was in - different file types could be uploaded, and they were all just coverted to Flash which nearly everyone has the plugin for.

Scribd in a similar way lets you upload multiple file types, and you can access the documents as Flash paper, but also as PDF, Microsoft Word, or MP3 files as you require.

I've uploaded our WebCT guides to it, which can be accessed at my page, or individually like the uploading a file to WebCT document.

Not sure if there are many situations where we could use this for students - perhaps if lots were having trouble accessing some files we could upload them to here and create links to them from WebCT?

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