22 March, 2007

Subscribing to Feeds by Email

I'm noticing more services that are enabling people to subscribe to web feeds by email. This is great for people who aren't following enough sites for it to be worth using an aggregator such as Bloglines.

We've already posted about FeedBlitz. Subscribe to Cakes using the form below to see what the user experience would be using this.

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R|Mail is another similar service, and from what I see it looks easier to use. Subscribe to Cakes below to see what the users experience would be.


Both these services provide extra functionality, such as subscribing to all the feeds in an OPML file, so if you want to do more you might want to explore them. Also there are other services out there that allow this, for example if you use FeedBurner to create your feeds, that supports subscriptions by email too.

As Kate Trgovac says on her blog, you've got to deliver content in the form people want to read - otherwise they probably won't.

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