15 March, 2007

The Optivote Video

Meg and Peter are creating some training materials for staff who are using the Optivote system, so I thought it might be worth re-posting the video of Phil Stanley's presentation.

If you want to skip to different sections, the contents are:

Part One: Setting up - 0:00 to 8:31
Part Two: Start Up Wizard - 8:32 to 12:51
Part Three: Setting Up Classes - 12:52 to 28:07
Part Four: Lessons - 28:08 to 32:24
Part Five: Questions - 32:25 to 1:31:04
Part Six: Using PowerPoint with Optivote - 1:31:05 to 1:49:12
Part Seven: Question Time - 1:49:13 to 2:03:25

There are other materials on the Optivote web site such as a quick start guide and screencast videos. These videos don't work for me in Firefox, so if you have problems try using Internet Explorer.

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