30 March, 2007

Web Cats: Episode Six - Using the Olympus DS2 Voice Recorder

In this episode, Peter Beaumont demonstrates how to use the Olympus DS2 Voice Recorder. This voice recorder is used a lot at Edge Hill University to record lectures and interviews by both staff and students.

The video is also available below in sections. in streamed .wmv format.

Whole video (10:41 minutes)
1. The Olympus DS2 voice recorder (00:17 minutes)
2. Removing the cover (00:14 minutes)
3. Switching it on (00:16 minutes)
4. The Batteries (00:31 minutes)
5. Starting it recording (01:21 minutes)
6. Stopping it recording (00:30 minutes)
7. Setting the quality and file type (01:30 minutes)
8. Deleting old files (00:43 minutes)
9. Organising your files and folders (00:49 minutes)
10. Positioning the mic (01:03 minutes)
11. Listening to your recording (01:02 minutes)
12. Changing the volume while listening (00:14 minutes)
13. Navigating your own recording (00:28 minutes)
14. Putting the file onto a computer (02:11 minutes)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some great information on using the DS2. I'm trying to use it to create some podcasts. However, I notice that I'm getting some clipping once I import it into my Mac.

Is this a sensitivity issue?